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Sun Replacement Therapy™

Bringing Light into your life is the most effective natural method to feel great again!

Photonic Nutrition is the Greatest Scientific Discovery of the 21st Century:

Your skin is your “second liver” – it creates hundreds of critical nutrients and metabolites that your body desperately needs (not just vitamin D), when it’s exposed to photons of sunlight.

Different bands of the solar spectrum stimulate the production of different metabolites, boosting your health and resilience against more than 100 physical and mental diseases (including 20 types of cancer), from pregnancy and infancy to mature ages!

Since modern society either avoids the sun or resides where sufficient exposure isn’t regularly available year-round, most of us fail to thrive and suffer chronic illnesses, injuries, and even premature death, as shown by thousands of scientific studies.

Do any of these apply to you?

□ I live in a city (tall buildings, pollution)
□ I work indoors during the day
□ I work nights & sleep during mid-day
□ I cover my skin for modesty/religious reasons
□ I reside north or south of 34 degree latitudes (in USA, north of Atlanta/Phoenix/LAX).
□ I use sunscreen-containing products
□ I rarely expose my front & back to the sun
□ I live where it is often cloudy, even in Summer
□ I have damaged, diseased, or “old” skin
□ I have naturally dark (pigmented) skin

If you answered YES to any of the above, then you suffer from chronic Sun Deficiency Syndrome (SDS) even if you’re not aware of it yet.

The only effective, simple solution is daily Sun Replacement Therapy (SRT)™. Safely exposing your body to the full sunlight spectrum (correct UVA/UVB ratio, infrared rays, and optimal ratio of visible bands for the time of day), in the privacy of your own bathroom, will provide the hundreds of photo-nutrients we desperately need for an optimal, vibrant, disease-resistant body.

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